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You Better BELIZE It!


My name is Ciera Spady and I am a first year Master’s student on the School Counseling track. I am originally from Hightstown, N.J. but I relocated to Greensboro, N.C. in 2014 to follow my dream of becoming an elementary school teacher. My main goals in life are to teach, touch lives, and travel. My study abroad experience allowed me to touch upon all of these goals!

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Belize Makes the BIG Screen in Canada!

Belize hit the big screen in Canada on a drum-controlled billboard! Belize Vacation shared the video on their page this week and it has received quite the attention. This is exciting for Belize, not because the idea is cool, but the billboard is to celebrate the new direct flight from Toronto, Canada to Belize on WestJet.

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The Secret is Finally Out!

North Carolina’s A&T graduate students in Agriculture and Animal Science spent a month with us studying in Belize. We enjoyed the time supporting their faculty and students. They enjoyed Belize, especially the local food, so much so that we had to share a well-guarded family secret recipe with a key member of the group, Ms. Breanda Searcy.

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Adapting to Belize’s Heat and Humidity

After being in Punta Gorda for about 9 days, I’ve adapted mostly to the heat and humidity. I can’t really tell how sweaty I am anymore. I’ve adapted mostly to this beautiful tropical climate now. I find it comfortable to wake up at 7 am every day, to eat strange seasoning, to try hot sauce and to be out drumming and dancing in the heat. Continue reading


“Hibam Lang Sho”

Throw it out and change it up. Literally meaning “throw it long shore,” this expression is often called out during Sambai, a Creole music and dance tradition taking place around a fire during the full moon. Attendants of this fertility dance will chant “hibam lang sho” to call for a change in the music. As drum instructor of Maroon Creole Drum School, Emmeth Young explains, the phrase comes with a bit of ambiguity. Some may actually use it to cheer on the drummers—to show they enjoy the energy as it is. Seems very different from asking for a change of pace. Continue reading


What can go wrong with 11 University Students

Lazy Days are for Tourists: Students on the Vaca Dam

Saturday morning found 10 of my peers and I floating along a reservoir with jungle closing in on sides, bird calls echoing, and the sun high in a cloudy blue sky. The ramshackle pontoon boat we were welcomed on is owned and run by Ronaldo, a charismatic Belizean, with some help from his family. That day his first mate was Joey, a knowledgeable and quite kind of guy. Continue reading